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145 South Wells

General Office Security

Below are tips that tenants should follow to promote general office safety:

  • Lock all doors when the office is unattended or when practical control of entrance and exit areas is not possible.
  • Hang coats and jackets away from entrance to the office, where they cannot be easily stolen while you are busy.
  • Keep valuables out of sight and under lock and key.
  • Keep purses and gift packages out of sight and locked inside a cabinet or desk, if possible.
  • If you should encounter an unknown person in your suite or on your floor, ask “May I help you?” If you are not comfortable asking and/or know that the person does not belong in your space, please remain calm and contact security for assistance.
  • Solicitation is NOT permitted in the building. If solicitors enter your suite, please inform them of this policy. Please call the Office of the Building to report.
  • Do not let persons other than employees and clients into the restrooms.
  • If any person comes to your office to do work on behalf of the Office of the Building and you have not been informed, please check the identification with Building Management and/or Security.
  • Keep the fire exit stairwell doors closed at all times. Closed stairwells which are an integral part of our fire safety system, are also a vital part of the Building’s Security system.
  • Do not let anyone follow you into your suite. Any suspicious or undesirable persons seen loitering in or around the Building should be reported to Building Security.