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Tenant Responsibilities

Per the City of Chicago high-rise code each building will have an evacuation plan, which includes the formation of tenant-staffed, floor Life Safety Teams. Life Safety Team members play a key role in the evacuation process and other emergency responses, but they are not designated first responders. In a life-threatening situation, team members must also ensure their personal safety.


  1. Each tenant is responsible for appointing a Floor Warden for each occupied floor. If your floor has more than one tenant on it (multi-tenant floor), then the tenant that occupies the largest area of the floor, shall appoint the floor’s Warden. The other tenants shall appoint other team roles as appropriate.
  2. Life Safety Team members should wear a reflective safety vest when performing their duties so that others may easily identify them for direction. They must also be vocal when evacuating persons from a floor.
  3. Each tenant is responsible for providing Building Management with a current list of persons assigned to the life safety team roles.
  4. Each tenant is responsible for providing Building Management with a current list of employees that would need assistance during an evacuation or related emergency, stemming from a voluntarily, self- identified health condition.

Life Safety Team Form


Responsible for organizing his/her emergency team members and making sure emergency procedures are carried out correctly.

Are responsible for the complete evacuation of their floor/suite. Should an occupant refuse to evacuate during an emergency, the Area Warden must be notified and pass information along to Security.

The area warden establishes the designated assembly point for his/her firm. This assembly point will be kept on file by the building and with the City of Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications.

NOTE: Each floor should have their own area warden, even within the same company. That floor warden should sit on that floor.

  • Appoints personnel to the Life Safety Teams and fills vacant positions.
  • Maintains an updated roster of all Life Safety Team members.
  • Alerts key personnel of potential emergencies.
  • Trains life safety teams members. Ensures that all team members know their assigned duties and locations in case of an emergency.
  • Ensures all floor personnel are trained in emergency procedures.
  • Pre-plans the handling of physically disabled personnel during evacuations.
  • Maintains an up-to-date list of persons requiring assistance on the floor.
  • Is responsible for the evacuation of floor personnel and notifying Life Safety Team Members to evacuate.


The Floor Leader(s) assists in establishing the Life Safety Team members and the people on the floor.

In addition, he/she is responsible for the safe evacuation of personnel in his/her work area during an emergency.

  • Is responsible for orderly evacuation of all personnel in his/her area via designated exits.
  • Remains with the group throughout the evacuation period and leads them to predetermined safe areas.
  • Assists in training of all personnel in his/her work area.


Under the supervision of the Area Warden, Searchers are responsible for finding and evacuating all personnel from the floor

  • Searches all rooms including rest rooms, conference rooms, store rooms; closing but not locking all doors behind them.
  • Advises any remaining personnel on the floor of the emergency and insists on their evacuation.
  • Evacuates non-employees found on the floor.
  • Reports to Floor Warden when his/her area is clear.


Under the direction of the Area Warden, Stairwell Monitors are responsible for an assigned exit, such as a stairwell and assist in the orderly evacuation of personnel.

  • Takes a position at his/her assigned exit and assists in the orderly evacuation of personnel.
  • Inspects stairwells for possible heat or smoke conditions before evacuation.
  • Instructs personnel to form single file lines into the stairwell and directs personnel to exit along the right side of the stairwell.
  • Monitors evacuation flow while encouraging a calm and orderly evacuation.
  • Stays at the exit until Searchers have cleared all personnel from the floor.


  • Must be familiar with the building evacuation plan and the location of all elevators/stairways.
  • Positions self at elevator bank and directs employees to the nearest stairway and away from the elevators.
  • Stays at his/her post until instructed to evacuate by the Floor Warden.


Under the supervision of the Floor Warden, the Aid to Persons Needing Assistance is responsible for making sure all persons needing physical assistance are evacuated.

  • Assists personnel to stairwell (Area of Safe Refuge) and notifies Security through Fire phones located on every 5th floor, placing a call to 911, placing a call to lobby security via cell phone or inform area warden/person leaving.

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