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Evacuations are one of the two primary responses made in an emergency situation. In most cases, evacuations will be ordered by the Chicago Fire Department or Building Management/Security, but Life Safety Team Members can order a floor/area evacuation if they deem unsafe conditions (e.g. smoke). There are two primary evacuation types.


The entire building is evacuated. Upon exiting the building, occupants should gather at their designated exterior meeting points. Tenants, visitors, and vendors are not allowed back into the building until given the “All Clear” from either Building Management or the Chicago Fire Department. A full building evacuation would be ordered for incidents such as an uncontrollable fire or biological/chemical release, or a large-scale event that makes the property unsafe.


A partial building evacuation or floor relocation occurs when the incident area/floor is deemed unsafe, yet the rest of the building can remain occupied, as deemed by Building Management or first responders. City of Chicago code identifies a process known as the "Rule of 8.” Whereby the incident floor, two floors above and five floors below the incident floor are relocated to another area or floor within the building.


  1. Remain calm. Walk, do not run.
  2. Do not take personal items with you. Close doors behind you.
  3. Follow directions given over the PA system.
  4. Use stairwells. Check your evacuation stairwell for smoke or flames before entering.
  5. Do not wear high-heel shoes, bring liquids, or talk on your phone while evacuating.
  6. Do not use elevators, unless directed to do so.
  7. Notify Building Security at (312) 819-6851 of any individuals needing assistance.
  8. Report to your groups designated assembly area/refugee zone.
  9. Do not re-enter the building until advised by the Fire Department of Building Management.