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145 South Wells

Severe Weather

With severe weather conditions, there are usually pre-event warning to alert tenants of unsafe conditions. Building Management and Security monitor these alerts to track weather conditions and makes decisions that are best for the building occupants.

Loud wavering siren (pitch goes up, then goes down) - indicates an emergency condition exists and shelter should be taken.

Via PA announcements, Security will direct tenants away from windows and exterior walls toward the core of the building. The north and south stairwells can and should be utilized, so that occupants can be relocated to the first floor or garage levels if conditions warrant.

If storm worsens the City of Chicago will provide an emergency notification alerting all personnel to seek shelter. If this alert is activated follow the procedures below:

  1. Follow Fire Warden or PA System Announcement
  2. Move away from windows, mirrors, glass and large unsecured objects such as filing cabinets and close doors.
  4. Do not evacuate the building unless instructed to do so.

Long steady siren - indicates the threat has passed and is “ALL CLEAR.”

In addition to sirens, cell notification alerts are available through Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management & Communications (OEMC).