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145 South Wells


In the event you discover smoke and/or fire, call 911 and provide the following information:

Building Address 145 South Wells Street
Location in Building Floor location, Suite/Room Number, Company Name
Nature of Call Type of Emergency/Condition of Victim
Name & Number Name of Caller and Number of Caller
  1. Call Building Security at (312) 819-6851
  2. Notify your Floor Warden and persons in the immediate area of the danger.
  3. EVACUATE the area if the fire cannot be extinguished with a fire extinguisher.
  4. Close the doors, if possible, to confine the fire.
  5. In an evacuation, the strobes will be activated & instructions will be given over the PA system.
  6. The PA system will alert you as to whether the alarm is a partial or full building evacuation.
  7. Move to nearest safe stairwell and relocate as directed.
  8. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS. If you are in an elevator when an alarm sounds, it may automatically return to the lobby.
  9. If smoke is present, stay low. The cleanest air is near the floor.
  10. If you are trapped by a fire or smoke, dial 911 or Building Security (312) 819-6851 to provide your location.